Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Image -

When a person first sees you, without your knowledge or permission, he judges you in those very first few seconds, based on your dressing, grooming, body language etc  and forms his personal opinion. This opinion is based on what he sees, what he perceives, and then what he decides. He might decide that you are trustworthy, competent, truthful, confident, etc or not....

The bad news is that we cannot control his perception of our image but the good news is that we can control the image which affects his mind. :)

Welcome to the world of Image Management !!

At Perceptions Unlimited, we professionally help you to manage your image so that the variations in an individual's personality are reinforced or countered (as the need be) and an image true to your inner self is  projected to the outside world. An image with which you are comfortable and at peace with your personal preferences. An image which conveys to the perceptive outside world what your true self is .......

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