Thursday, 23 February 2012

Art in everyday dressing

As soon as you enter a room , all the people turn their heads to take in your appearance, your poise, your expressions and your body language, all within seconds of looking at you and even before you open your mouth to greet !!
It has been proved that verbal communication is only 7 % of the total communication. In your silence lays 93% of the communication which is visual - how you look , how you behave and how you appear to others. They depend only on the visual clues to judge a person .
To portray an image which truly represents what you are inside out, you have to dress accordingly, choosing each aspect of your visual communication with care. You cant go wrong where 93% is at stake !  This will include not only your dressing but personal grooming, your accessories , footwear and makeup and last but not to be forgotten, your beautiful smile :)
Your appearance should be in harmony with the surroundings and the occasion .You should always dress to impress.To select the right colour and fit is as important as the design details .Get a body shape analysis done so that you know exactly where to begin for perfect visual balance and how to achieve a visually ideal shape and get a  colour analysis done to choose the most flattering colours for yourself .

You are the best and let the world know this !!!

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