Monday, 1 July 2013

General Etiquette

General Etiquette 

In the fast paced life today, we are moving so fast that we are literally running to keep up and it is now when people need more and more etiquette and courtesy from those around, we realize that more and more they stand lacking in the same field….When we sit back and think, we realize that as common as courtesy might have been for us while growing up, we find it missing from the youth of today. When questioned what they think is general etiquette?, they seem to be ignorant !!

What is common courtesy to you??

I believe it starts with being polite and having loads of patience, using the three sweet magic words of “please , thank you, and sorry “ once too often, smiling cheerfully while talking to others, addressing the people with respectful and appropriate titles, wishing the elders, opening and holding the doors for others, being kind – in short being the sort of person you would like to meet always as the golden rule says to us “ do to others as you want them to do to you “.
Inside the house or outside, we need to be respectful of others around us - while in the lift, while walking down the street, while talking on phones, while sending emails etc .... All situations demand a basic knowledge of etiquette to show respect for people around us.
Once the children step out of the protective environments of the school, they are faced with the harsh reality of the real world. If they are armed with the confidence that they can handle people and situations with the best manners, would it not be wonderful for them as well as their parents?
While preparing for job interviews, the candidates can be better prepared by learning the essential skills of self presentation and body language as there shall be a board of interviewers to face.
While going out for business meetings, the executives feel hesitant as they are not sure of dining etiquette, business etiquette and and general etiquette while interacting with other senior level people.
The managers looking to enhance their skills so as to project an even better self and looking for further promotions should know that they they should dress for the role they aspire to reach one day.

These all people need to look no further.

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