Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Spring or Summer, Autumn or Winter??

 Spring or Summer, Autumn or Winter??

Did you know that each individual has a unique and a personal color scheme of his own?? You skin tone, your hair, the color of your eyes, cheeks, lips are all unique and this combination of various colors makes you an individual…… an identity….
Your combination can make you a dark autumn, cool winter, light spring or soft summer. There can be combinations in these as well! Cool autumn, warm winter, dark spring light summer and so on till you find your true calling. 


Springs and autumns have warm skin undertones while summers and winters essentially have cool skin undertones. It is the color of your hair, eyes, lips and cheeks which help you decide the category for color in which you fall.

Summer palette has soft cool skin with blue tones, low level of contrast and generally light or blonde hair.

Autumn palette has warm, golden peachy undertones to the skin and earthy colors for eyes, low contrast but warm dark color to hair, overall deep and warm look with olive to black skin, very dark eyes and dark brown to black hair.

Spring palette has clear, golden and warm pink skin, sparkling earth and summer eye colors, and deep, dark hair with reddish undertones. They are warm but bright.

Winter color palette has very dark (black to dark brown) hair, intense dark eyes and bluish pinkish undertone to the skin. Overall high contrast and a deep look with olive to black skin, dark eyes and black-brown hair.

Whatever your personal color scheme, we help you choose the right colors for your clothing, makeup and accessories so that each time you dress up and step out of the house, you are armed with the confidence that “You are the best !!

For your queries and more information on personal color schemes, as a trained and certified Image consultant, I can help you with the right decisions.

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