Friday, 30 January 2015

Finding a date....

On your date....

One last satisfied look at himself and he walked out to his new Audi A6. His new date would surely be impressed. He smiled and whistled as he drove to pick her up, thinking of all the good times he had had in the last year in this new office. Tina, Meena, Niki, Polly, Seema, Priti, Samy, Liz, Neeti….. and not to forget Shalu and Mini he had dated them all and today after dating the new girl in the office, his count would be 28 or 29 in the last 16 months. Proud of his abilities, he saw his close friend and colleague Raji park his bike as his girlfriend waited for him. As he watched them, he recognized the girl – Simi from the nest office and he thought to himself,

 “Still stuck with his second date?”

He looked again towards them, still sitting in his car. They were hugging and quite comfortable with each other, undoubtedly enjoying each moment spent together. Their stance and togetherness spoke volumes of their friendship. Just then Raji saw him and greeted with a wave of hand, calling him over. Excitedly he told about his engagement with Simi and invited him for the party he was throwing for his friends next weekend. Congratulating them, our hero moved over, looking forward to meet his new date.

The beautiful girl waiting for him looked gorgeous and eager but he hardly seemed to notice. The time spent for the wonderful romantic movie and dinner also found him preoccupied…. Throughout the evening he kept comparing himself to Raji. He looked better, held a better office, had better riches and maybe a better bank balance. But he could not remember taking out the same girl for a second or a third date, let alone for a time long enough to get engaged. Sometimes he longed for companionship. But was not able to understand why all the girls suddenly became busy when he called them back after waiting for their call for over a week. All of a sudden they had family emergencies or office pressure or parents’or cousins visiting…. 

Why? Why? Why? 
What was it that made them refuse? 
Why he couldn’t follow up? 
Why he always had a new date but no repeats?
What was he lacking?

He could not find the answers….

What can be the reasons?????

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