Monday, 5 March 2012

Color Blocking

Color Blocking is the fashion of the season !! You can hear it every where and people are going ga-ga over this latest trend....
But what is this color blocking? you might ask.....
Exactly what the term suggests - blocking of colors on your dress .In this , you chose dresses which have  only solid colors in the dress which can be accessorized with neutral colors or slight variations.Try to keep the number of colors to three maximum for optimal visual treat :)

You can choose an outfit which has varied hues of the same color family or you can choose contrasting colors to complete your dress, but keep in mind to select colors of the same intensity so that the outcome does not appear imbalanced. You can consult the trusted color wheel for combinations 
The simpler the combination , the better the result and the brighter colors you select, the more in trend you appear. To tone down the effect , you should use neutral colors accessories- think black, brown, grey, beige or similar shades .

So go ahead and dont be afraid of colors.... make then your best friends this season :)
And if in doubt, get a color analysis done !!

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